Dantzig Glass

Artist Statement

Color, glass and food are three things that I am passionate about so this medium has given me the opportunity to fulfill them all!

In 1984 I started to come to Martha's Vineyard. It wasn't hard to fall in love with the natural beauty of the island and it's abundance of creative folks. In 1995 I decided to open a seasonal, waterfront restaurant (remember the food part of my passions!). The first year we were featured in Travel and Leisure's Best of Martha's Vineyard issue. For the next six years, I continued in an absolutely crazy business and sold it in 2000.

So, from the frying pan into the oven, glass oven that is.

Now this is where I feel lucky. After taking a bit of time off and working for others for a change, I thought about what else I haven't done in my life but wanted to. Glass!! So I built a studio, purchased myself a kiln and other equipment, took classes at Corning Glass Studio and at Urban glass in NY, and voila, here I am today!

I truly do love the brilliance, sensuality and practicality of my glass tableware. And hope you do too!

cutting glass in my studio

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